Omaha Cable System Installation & Design

A good cabling system can pay for itself many times over throughout its lifetime. Pierce Communications will design and install a cabling system that meets all your needs. We can also add to your system as well as make changes and moves.

    • Complete Cabling Solutions
    • Cabling design
    • Troubleshooting
    • Fiber optic installations
    • Engineering cable solutions
    • Cable management systems
    • Coaxial, Cat-5e, and Cat-6 cables
    • Trust Our Experienced Technicians to Get the Job Done

    Whether you need a completely new cable system or need to make changes and additions to your existing cabling, our experienced technicians are ready to get the job done right. From cabling designs to cabling system installations, we provide a wide range of cabling services.

    Our cable solutions come with a 20- to 25-year warranty from manufacturers. We also provide networking, computer repair, telecommunication, and security system services.

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