Why Attempting DIY Communication And Security Systems Installation Is A Bad Idea

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DIY or do-it-yourself activities are a great test of creativity and an excellent opportunity to overcome economic constraints. They can also be a therapeutic or fun leisure activity. However, as the DIY craze catches on and with more information about different technical jobs readily available on the internet, many believe any home improvement project can be completed swiftly and economically as a DIY, even installing sensitive security or camera systems.

If you’re overhauling your telecommunication system or plan to install or repair network solutions, you have a lot to consider before flipping the switch. To give you an idea of how bad things could get, the experts at Pierce Communications have covered the consequences of attempting DIY communication and security system installation and repair on your own and without proper training or complete knowledge of the job.

1. Increased risk of equipment failure
Telecommunication, security, and camera systems are complex to install, maintain and repair and require training and certification to be successful and efficient. Attempting DIY installation or repair of security and camera systems increases the chance the system will malfunction soon in the future and, in some cases, completely fail and necessitate a complete replacement of the entire system.

2. Improper placement leads to reduced coverage
When installing security or telecommunication systems, the correct placement of cameras, modems, and other equipment are vital to optimal coverage. For example, suppose you place security cameras at an angle facing bright lights or at the wrong height. In that case, you are likely to have blind spots that significantly reduce the system’s effectiveness, putting you, your business or your property at risk.

3. Warranty is void
Most camera, telecommunications, and security systems come with a warranty that can be claimed in case of product defects and other defaults. However, these warranties call for all installation, maintenance and repair to be untaken by a manufacturer certified, trained professional, failing which the contract is null and void. Attempting DIY solutions for your computer and security systems should be avoided as almost all actions disqualify your warranty, leaving you vulnerable to the costs if you mess up.   

4. Costs to rectify problems are high
While DIY installation and repair of security and camera systems might save you a few dollars initially. It is a good idea to remember that the end cost to replace or rectify a problem with either the system or the set-up can be higher than what you would have spent on hiring a professional in the first place. 

Do things right - Hire a professional
If attempting to install and maintain a security or camera system on your own, while you do not need a license to do this job, it is critical you have general wiring skills, networking knowledge, understand the system requirements, and have a thorough plan on how to go about the task.

This said, seeking a professional’s help when installing and maintaining computer, security, and telecommunication systems come with many hard-to-beat advantages. A competent and trained technician is experienced in the system’s configuration and can do multiple complex installations without defeating its integrity. 

If you’re wondering how much it will cost you to hire an expert to install telecommunication or security systems in your business or home, that depends on the scale of the job. If you are concerned about affording the services of a professional, this is understandable. But, if you think about the benefits professional assistance provides, the advantages far outweigh the expenses. 

Additionally, shopping around for a few quotes and researching the networking, computer repair, telecommunications, security systems, and cabling options available to you is sure to yield results that make installation and maintenance both affordable and highly convenient.

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